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What are Trigger Points?

 A trigger point is a knot in a muscle causing reduced blood supply and a build up of irritating chemicals resulting in pain. It is not the same as an acupressure point.

Trigger points may cause local pain in the area pressed - or they may cause referred pain felt further away from the area being pressed. Referral pain pathways are generally predictable for each muscle enabling a trained therapist to identify and treat specific complaints more accurately.

Trigger points may be caused by direct trauma (picking up heavy items), cumulative trauma - RSI (repetitive strain injury), poor posture, sports or they may be the result of viral infections, damp or stress.

Trigger points may vary in size - from a grain of salt to the size of a tennis ball! They may take some time to release, especially if they are the result of cumulative trauma. 

The therapist will search the affected muscles for knots and treat by providing a comfortable amount of static pressure to help to release the knots. Several attempts at release may be made during a therapy session.

NOTE: It may take several treatments to relieve chronic pain.

(between 1 - 6 weekly treatments are recommended)