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Relaxation Massage

Most of us experience stress, tension, headaches or general fatigue from time to time due to just getting on with our daily lives.
We all worry about life to a greater or lesser degree, so why not put all that to one side and enjoy a well deserved relaxation massage......
 .....A relaxation massage will revitalise your body by relieving muscular stress and tension; will promote physical and mental relaxation and restore the body's balance and promote a feeling of well being, leaving you refreshed and ready to face the challenges of life with renewed energy and vigour.

Testimonial: " Since having regular treatments with Sally all the tension and pain that I had with my back have reduced to virtually nothing ( just the odd twinge). I have tried other people before, but none have come close to sally's standard.
She is sympathetic, completely professional and thoroughly knows her stuff !
I am always relaxed and refreshed after a treatment, and now don't just go to get fixed, but to unwind.

L.S-B. May 2011