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Therapeutic Hot Stone Massage
A deeply relaxing massage that incorporates the use of heated volcanic basalt stones.

Once heated, these smooth stones allow a deeper yet nurturing penetration of the muscle tissues, allowing the therapist to work more effectively and thus achieving an enhanced therapeutic effect to provide fast and effective relief from muscular pain.

The stones can be used independently to provide a deeply relaxing and de-stressing massage for the client.
Alternatively, the stones are used in combination with traditional hands-on massage techniques applying focussed work and/or deeper pressure to provide a highly effective yet relaxing remedial massage to treat aches, pains and specific problem areas.
What stones are used?

The stones are basalt stones, formed from the hot lava following volcanic eruption. Exposure to the various elements over thousands of years cause the minerals to become compressed into smooth rocks of various sizes and shapes. The high iron content of these stones allows them to retain heat and cold making them perfect for stone massage therapy.

The stones used are harvested by ethical means and come from all over the world.


How hot are the stones?

The stones are heated and kept in water to an optimum temperature of 50 degrees centigrade. This level of heat kills any germs on contact thus eliminating the risk of cross infection between clients.


Cold stones
Contrast bathing using alternate cold and hot stones may be used to flush an affected area with fresh blood and nutrients thus speeding recovery.
Cold stones alone may be used to treat acute conditions.


Will it hurt?

The stones are very smooth and the therapist is trained to use a 'listening touch' where pressure is concerned (this is applicable for all massage, not just stone therapy). Everyone has a different tolerance to pain or discomfort and the therapist will communicate with the client to enusure that comfort is maintained throughout.

Every care is taken to avoid any pressure from the stones on bony areas of the body. Varying levels of pressure may be used to treat specific problem areas such as trigger points in the muscles

Testimonial: 'The treatments I have recieved from Sally have been exceptional! I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and find that having monthly massages has helped me with the joint pain and fatigue and enables me to cope better with my illness.  I have had many massages over the years, but Sally is the best therapist I have been to, she really knows how to solve any muscle pain and discomfort with the right pressure and the hot stones are wonderful! She really is great and I would recommend booking an appointment.
K.C. (May 2011)

'Thank you so much for all the hard work you've done on my back. When I first saw you I was in quite a lot if pain but with your amazing healing hands and wonderful hot stones you've made a massive difference. You're so knowledgeable, helpful and professional I really appreciate all you've done for me.'   K.S. (2012)

Please contact me for more information about the use of hot stones for massage therapy.